SDN Contributor WordPress Widget Update

September 18, 2008

Today my pal Abesh pinged me because the widget would throw an XML error and ruin the beautiful new layout in his blog. A quick look at a couple of other blogs using the WordPress widget or the hosted version showed the same error. After diving into the code I discovered that the fine folks from SDN had made a minor change in the blog feed XML. They removed DOCTYPE tag (which shouldn’t have been there in the first place) and revealed a bug in my work around to remove the unnecessary tag.

If you got some feedback lately about a ugly error in your blogs sidebar, go get the update and don’t forget to deactivate it first before replacing the files.

PS: I recently updated the widget to WordPress 2.5, did you noticed? Abesh is probably right and I should submit it to the WP Plugin databse.


Pants Down

August 3, 2007

This morning I got the final proof that SDN is in deed running on a Enterprise Portal. Looks like they messed up the display configuration and the standard portal theme showed up for me…funny;)
SDN in Enterprise Portal Standard Theme

Update: After logging out/logging in everything seems to be fine again.

SDN Contributor WordPress Widget V1.0

August 1, 2007

In the last couple of days I had some time to work on a widget for a new instance of this blog I’m builing up at the moment. The idea was to have a sidebar widget with some information from my SDN profile like total points and the latest blog posts.

My blog is running on WordPress. Because I didn’t had any experience with PHP I found the widget by Automattic, Inc. very useful as a basic example for a plugin including how to build the widget configuration view. Frank Bueldges work on WP-RSSImport fitted well for reading the blog feed. Nigel James pointed me to curl which did a great job fetching a SDN Business Card related website to parse it for the name and total number of points.

The widget is called SDN Contributor and now available as version 1.0 and you can see it running on my new blog. I’ve set up a wiki page with all further information like installation instructions and download location. If you’re a SDN member and have a WordPress blog under your own control, give it a try.

The Charity Idea

June 28, 2007

Some people at RailsConf this year had the idea to do charity funding at the conference and raised the amazing amount of 33.000$. Nigel James picked this post up and asked on SDN what SAP TechEd could do in this respect:

“We are about to go to a conference and spend a small fortune on fees, food, hotels and travel. What if you took a small portion of what you are going to spend on TechEd and made some contribution to help someone break out of poverty?”

The post got a lot of feedback in the comments and Craig and Dennis Howlett wrote about it to support the idea.

There will be over 1000 attendees at TechEd this year, spending up to 2500$ just for entry fee and an another couple of bucks for hotel and expenses. If only a small amount of this could go into charity, this could make a big difference and help a lot of people who really need it. I will do my best to support whatever may come out of this and I hope you will think about it too.

Update: Dennis Howlett commented on the efforts that James Governor and RedMonk is planning on their community day track at TechEd. Great first step!