No More Links Posts

July 9, 2007

Having daily automatic posts of my bookmarks to the blog looked like a welcome feature when I discovered it, but after using for a quite some time now it feels to me more like blog noise, so I turned it of last week. If you want to follow my bookmarks, there are still multiple ways to it.

1. If you have your own account, I would prefer you add me to your network. You will get a RSS feed for the bookmarks of all the people in your network. And people in your network will see that you added them and will get a chance to add you back to their network.
2. Consume my feed in your preferred feed reader.
3. My bookmarks are still available as a widget in my blog.


The Charity Idea

June 28, 2007

Some people at RailsConf this year had the idea to do charity funding at the conference and raised the amazing amount of 33.000$. Nigel James picked this post up and asked on SDN what SAP TechEd could do in this respect:

“We are about to go to a conference and spend a small fortune on fees, food, hotels and travel. What if you took a small portion of what you are going to spend on TechEd and made some contribution to help someone break out of poverty?”

The post got a lot of feedback in the comments and Craig and Dennis Howlett wrote about it to support the idea.

There will be over 1000 attendees at TechEd this year, spending up to 2500$ just for entry fee and an another couple of bucks for hotel and expenses. If only a small amount of this could go into charity, this could make a big difference and help a lot of people who really need it. I will do my best to support whatever may come out of this and I hope you will think about it too.

Update: Dennis Howlett commented on the efforts that James Governor and RedMonk is planning on their community day track at TechEd. Great first step!

TechEd Speaker Session Approval

June 25, 2007

As I had already told you I submitted two proposals for the TechEd speaker sessions in Munich. After some back and forth I finally got the confirmation mail, that the session about Portal unit tests made it under the last 15.

“We have had an additional opening for the SDN Community sessions at SAP TechEd ’07 Munich, and your session was the next one in line from the voting. Your session “Unit Tests for Enterprise Portal Applications” is now an approved SDN Community session for Munich.”

Looks like someone didn’t took his chance and that would be my ticket to Munich. Fine for me. The final voting results should be up on SDN at any time today. I know for sure that Chris got an approval for both of his sessions so he will be in Munich too.

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June 23, 2007

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June 21, 2007

Domain Switch

June 15, 2007

Well, it took a little bit longer than expected but finally it’s done. The blog is from now on available at Links to old posts will get redirected by WordPress to the new domain, a service that I think is worth it 10 bucks per anno. WordPress is hosting millions of round about one million blogs for free, so I see this as a donation to their commitment to free blogging.

I haven’t decided yet where to go with the other subdomains. Some of them will probably be used for some necessary tools like a Wiki, SVN server etc. The www subdomain is still pointing to some silly, non configured start page. I leave that for now so at least nobody will expect the blog to appear there.

And now I should check all the places and services where I registered the blog with its old URL…

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June 12, 2007