zSAPping Podcast Episode 3

November 29, 2006

zSAPping Podcast Episode 3 – TechEd Conversations Part 3

In this third and last part of the TechEd Conversations I had the pleasure to talk to two people from SAP, that I met once again in the booth area where SAP was presenting their latest products and innovations.

The first one is Thomas Jung and I don’t think it’s necessary to introduce him further more, right? We had a short talk about his work on the backport of the new ABAP editor and some of the upcoming features.

Second is Christopher Hearn, Product Marketing Director at SAP and he is focusing on Custom Development as well as Linux and Open Source in general and we had a lengthy talk about this topics.



zSAPping Podcast Episode 2

November 14, 2006

zSAPping Podcast Episode 2 – TechEd Conversations Part 2

This is the second part of the TechEd Conversations where I talk to a couple of the regular attendees about their time at TechEd 2006 and the experiences they had.

As time flies TechEd is already about one month ago. Listening to the conversations I had there for myself brings back memories to the great time I (we) had in Amsterdam. Hopefully it works for you too.

This episode is only about 10 minutes, perfect for a small walk after lunch, while doing the dishes or whenever you tend to listen to podcasts.

Make sure to check back next week, when I talk to Thomas Jung and Christopher Hearn from SAP.


zSAPping Podcast Episode 1

November 6, 2006

zSAPping Podcast Episode 1 – TechEd Conversations Part 1

It was already out there (in text and audio) that i planed to do some podcasting from TechEd in Amsterdam. I prepared some stuff in the run-up but had no real mobile recording facility. Craig helped me out by giving me his MD recorder and also had some valueable tips on podcasting . Unfortunatly the audio quality was farly bad and some editing and remastering was necessary whereby releasing this stuff was a little bit delayed.

But finally it’s out so give it a try.

The first part are conversations that i had with three third party vendors (SGI, T-Systems and Microsoft) that where presenting there products in the booth area in the main hall. This was really offhand so please bear with me if this does not sound like a professional interview;) This part is about 30 minutes long but i still have to additional part that i’m going to release in the next weeks.

Go get it, have fun and let me now what you think or if you had any problems listening e.g. on your MP3 player.


Session UPE350 from TechEd

October 19, 2006

I went to the session “Developing Repository Managers for KM” just out of curiosity. I don’t have any plans in that area but because some of my current coding is for the Enterprise Portal I thought it wouldn’t harm.

Presentation and exercises were about concepts of the Repository Manager (RM) for NW04 and an example implementation using functional aspects like namespaces, security and properties. For the exercise one had to implement a RM for Zip files. It was split up into three parts regarding your experience RF and RM so you had to choice to just add some functional parts or implement the whole stuff.

So for me this was mostly for people that needed some guidance for an example implementation. The exercises are available at SDN as well as other further documentation and guides. If you are interested in this topic you’ll find a number of resources.

Documentation for Knowledge Management and Collaboration (KMC)

SAP Documentation in Help Portal

Javadocs for Knowledge Management and Collaboration APIs

KMC Code Samples


WebDynpro for Java Expert Session

October 19, 2006

I just visited the CD354 session that covered advanced concepts of WebDynpro and some of the new functionality in NW 2004s.

Marco Ertel gave an introduction to the new Adaptive Web Service Model that is available in NW04 SP17 and NW 2004s SP8. It gives you the advantage to define a logical WS destination, which has to be done in the Visual Administrator. Before that you had to define the service provider in your source which made some manual work necessary when moving your app to the next instance (Didn’t knew that. Probably because i haven’t don’t any customer projects with WebDynpro now). But it’s necessary to mention that these logical destinations are currently only available for SW providers supporting WSIL.

In addition to that it’s now also possible to trace the model and SOAP content for problem analysis and to access WS-Runtime Service Extension Interfaces via API to modify your HTTP or security setting.

Another part of this session done by Bertram Ganz who showed a in deep example on how to do WebDynpro componentization right. The goal of the exercise was to change an app in that way that the admin could configure (again in Visual Administrator) which view component to use for displaying the model content. He showed a solution by using dependency injection for the view interface and applying the Strategy Design Pattern. The configured view component then get instantiated and bound at runtime.

Last part by Jeff Gebo was an overview on the new WebDynpro features that we will get in the “Next Major Release” (again some name change in sight?)

  • New Calendar UI Element that looks a little like Outlook with year, week and day perspective.
  • New Column Layout for aligned positioning of UI element across container borders.
  • A lot of great table enhancements that are to much to mention here.
  • Highly enhanced component architecture.
  • And finally we get new Eclipse tools for WD based on Elipse 3!

Overall one of the great sessions at this TechEd.

SDN Day and TechEd Pictures on Zooomr

October 18, 2006

You can find all of my pictures from SAP TechEd on my Zooomr account (check the widget on the right side). Some impressions from SDN Day are already there. Let’s see how long the 50MB limit is working out for me. Maybe I have to switch to a full account.