Problem with SDN Search

February 19, 2007

Just a small follow up on my post yesterday. After posting my latest blog on SDN Eddy pointed me to his blog post about Firebug. As I already told you I did a search on SDN but it didn’t and still doesn’t reveal any mentioning of Firebug. Houston (aehm, Craig?) we have a problem! Maybe I should have used Google in the first place because it would have given me at least a hint that Firebug isn’t unknown to the great community at SDN, even though it won’t give me the direct blog links. Craig is already aware about the issue so we know it is in good hands and will be fixed. Until then maybe a good idea to double check your results using Google or any of your favorite search engine, at least when you don’t get the results you may have expected.


I completely missed writing a note to SDN support about the problem. Should have done this first before writing this post. I’ll give you an update on the toppic.


Firebug on SDN

February 18, 2007

Recently I had to do a lot of Enterprise Portal development. Looking for a state of the art JavaScript debugger and I found Firebug that helped me so much getting the work done and JavaScript was only a small part of it. It’s well integrated into Firefox by showing only a small icon in the status bar but once you click that icon it gives code inspection, network monitoring, a great JavaScript debugger, etc. I was suprised to find out that Firebug wasn’t mentioned anywhere on SDN. Now it is.

And once you got knee deep into Firebug be sure to check out Joe Hewitts expert level introduction: Joe Hewitt: “Welcome to Firebug 1.0.