Domain Switch

Well, it took a little bit longer than expected but finally it’s done. The blog is from now on available at Links to old posts will get redirected by WordPress to the new domain, a service that I think is worth it 10 bucks per anno. WordPress is hosting millions of round about one million blogs for free, so I see this as a donation to their commitment to free blogging.

I haven’t decided yet where to go with the other subdomains. Some of them will probably be used for some necessary tools like a Wiki, SVN server etc. The www subdomain is still pointing to some silly, non configured start page. I leave that for now so at least nobody will expect the blog to appear there.

And now I should check all the places and services where I registered the blog with its old URL…


One Response to Domain Switch

  1. Abesh says:

    Howdy šŸ™‚

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